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Women between the front lines

Kashmir 2006
Documentary 45 min

Ella von der Haide, Assabah Khan, Ali Vorbrugg

Assabah Khan on the importance of women to gain influence on decision-making processes

The documentary is a collection of interviews with strong women in Jammu&Kashmir, actively confronting the situation of women in a coflict zone and patriarchy in an increasingly Islamistic society.

Activists engaging for women’s rights, describe the necessity of structural alteration. They fight for their issues in local NGOs and at UN-conferences, through newspapers and in everyday practice.

The realization of emancipative approaches is shown in examples of tangible projects. For example the women initiative ATHWAS: Women are trained as social workers and attend to primary health care in villages affected by the conflict.

The film shows that women have strong visions and practicable concepts to set up a new social structure and overcome inequality and violence in J&K.

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Muntaza Ali on widows and their families

Afsana Rashid and Hameeda Nayeem on ideology and practice of patriarchy

Shahzada Geelani from ATHWAS on the need for health care in rural areas, the work of the initiative and the Samanbal Centre

Watch the whole film

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